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Tongariro Northern Circuit

The Great Walks of New Zealand are nine premier walking tracks that give you a glimpse of the diversity that sets New Zealand’s scenery apart from the rest of the world. These tracks cover thousands of kilometres but do not let that deter you if you are not an avid hiker. Each track is made up of shorter circuit walks, one day walks or are multi- day hikes with camping spots for those who are more experienced.

All of the nine Great Walks are maintained by the Department of Conservation which means the tracks are well marked, accessible and easy to follow, even if you are exploring the area on your own. Guided tours are available on most routes if you want to enhance your hiking with some insider information from an expert with local knowledge.

If you are interested in doing the Tongariro Northern Circuit you will find a perfect trail to suit your fitness and time restraints. The most significant attractions of this track are an active volcano, crater and lava flows, that make this track a truly memorable one. The Tongariro Northern Circuit will take you around Mount Ngauruhoe’s tip. A part of this circuit is the 

Tongariro Alpine Crossing which is described by many as New Zealand’s best day walk choice. You begin at Mangatepopo Valley and climb the mountain alongside a bubbling stream. Don't forget to take in the lava flows that are evident all over the track. Further along are the Soda Springs, readily recognisable by the thousands of buttercups and foxgloves that flourish here. On the descent you arrive at the stunning emerald green lakes. The Tongariro Northern Circuit is also where parts the epic film trilogy Lord of The Rings was filmed, most notably the Mount Doom scenes.

The Tongariro Northern Circuit starts at Whakapapa Village and travelling through beech and tussock forests, you catch up with the Tongariro Alpine Crossing to reach Mangatepopo Hut. Then, crossing the Soda Springs, you can walk past the Red Crater and reach the South Crater. Take the side track to walk up to the mountain summit.

Descending from the crater you reach Emerald Lakes and then take a right down to the Oturere Valley where you get a glimpse of volcanic slopes. The route from here to Waihohonu Hut is mostly bare ground dotted by streams and from the hut you take an access track to SH1. Climb up from Waihohonu Hut to Tama Saddle which is a good place to branch off if you want to see the Tama Lakes nearby. Continue on Tama Saddle to return to Whakapapa and don't miss the Taranaki Falls that are on this route.

Prepare yourself for this trip with your hardy blundstone boots made in NZ. You will be engaging in quite some climbing and descending and you want to get boots that are designed to give you good grip and perfect comfort.

You should be prepared for changeable conditions on the track so when you are putting together your outdoor clothing for the hike make sure you shop for protective clothing including wet weather gear and sun protective work clothing in Auckland and Wellington made bucket hats. 

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